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At this point you might just wish to play around with ready-made models and quickly deploy them to your Organization. For such a usecase, here at Konan we provide you with pre-built Docker images that can be immediately deployed!

Simply choose whichever model suits your fancy and head over to Konan to deploy it. You may find the instructions on how to create a Deployment on Konan useful.

For each of the pre-built images mentioned, you will find:

  • a short description that will help you make an informed decision about using that model
  • an open source reference machine learning / data science model (for example from a Kaggle competition),
  • a Github repository that has more technical instructions on how to to:
  • test the source code locally,
  • build the Docker image,
  • integrate and use the resulting Konan Deployment in other systems using konan-sdk
  • a built, publicly available, Konan-ready Docker image, available on Dockerhub